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Santos Neves

Certified Personal Trainer and Founder

Albert Santos Neves was born Dakar, Senegal. He moved to Cape Verde when he was 14 years old, and growing up he excelled at many sports such as tennis, soccer, karate. Eventually he found and pursued his passion for basketball, going on to win 6 national championships, as well as representing Cape Verde international championships in countries such as Mozambique and Portugal.

After a severe ankle injury, Albert had to stop playing professional basketball. He was told he wouldn’t be able to walk properly, but he determined never to give up. Today, through fitness and wellness techniques he has learned along the way of his recovery, he walks normally without any issue. Out of this strength and determination to be well, he also encourages others not to give up when the going gets tough. Albert is passionate about motivating others and helping them strengthen their minds, not
just their bodies.

Albert is married and is a father, and he still enjoys playing basketball. His family gives him a strong sense of purpose, and he feels a duty to encourage men to support and uplift their wives in pursuing their passion. He enjoys all kinds of music and spending quality time with his family at home.


Santos Neves

Certified Personal Trainer and Founder

Leila Santos Neves was born in Cape Verde. She has three beautiful daughters and is married to her purpose partner, Albert. She is a certified personal trainer and clinical social worker (MSW). Her vision is to educate, empower, motivate and inspire women and families to live a healthy lifestyle. Throughout her life, she encountered struggles and experienced many failures, but her ambition to heal and find her purpose in life fueled her journey to self-development through fitness and mindfulness.

Along the way, she encountered Christ and has now achieved the true fulfillment in life that she desires to share with others. Her objective in her work is to help others to overcome negative thinking and self-doubt through the techniques she teaches.

In her spare time, Leila loves to dance! One of her favorite genres of music is reggae, but she enjoys any songs that have meaning to her. The sounds, rhythms, and positive lyrics of these tunes make her feel driven and bring out her inner warrior, so she can typically be found working out to a playlist of her favorite jams! Finally, Leila truly adores spending time with her family enjoying the countryside. The beauty of nature and freshness of the outdoors inspire her.

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